Hypnosis truly is life changing !

Farina Mariposa - ganzheitliche Schönheit

Subconscious mind reprogramming aka hypnosis, has changed my life in so many ways, as it helped me reconnect with my true,powerful SELF.

Which is why, today, I offer this method myself, as I know no other technique to be as effective and life changing as this one!

When I did my first session about 1,5 years ago, I felt disconnected, very sad, lost and not like myself in many ways. I knew life could be better than this, but I had no clue how to feel worthy, full of love and truely connected with others, my purpose and self, as- back then- the complete opposite was the case.

And no matter what I tried, and how much I did, no affirmation, meditation, yoga class and pep talk from coaches and friends, would actually make me feel good, long term and effectively.

It was more like a short term, symptom fighting- lets just put a bandaid on it and hope for the best- kind of thing.

Which made me feel icky and frustrated, as it seemed like these things are never gonna change for me.

Until I relaxed and dove deep in my very first hypno session. Which btw has got nothing to do, with what you see on stages. In fact

I felt super safe, comfortable, held and in full control, of what was going on,  during the whole time!

As hypnosis is not different to you just being in a very relaxed state of mind.

After a couple of sessions and becoming a Hypnosis Coach myself, not only did I feel connected with my true- powerful self again, but realized how easy it actually is, to do this whole process for myself.

I continued practicing to connecting with my emotions and true- higher SELF.

And changed my story and life!

Into one that truly makes me feel happy, deeply loved, free, full of possibilities and so alive !

And I want this for you to, as I know what a powerful being you truly are. You just forgot and it´s time to be reminded of your true potential and limitless SELF.

You see, 95% of your behaviour is controlled by your subconscious mind, means only 5% can be controlled consciously-

AND THAT, my dear, is the reason why nothing changes if you don’t change.

That is where subconscious mind coaching aka hypnosis comes in, for you to heal, let go and shift what’s no longer serving you, in order to invite what you want to be true for you & your life- LONG TERM & EFFECTIVELY.💥

Which is the reason why you won´t need me, or any one else at some point of your journey anymore. There might come up deep routed stuff here and there, where you feel like you could use support by a professional. And that’s ok! That’s what I do for myself, every now and then, too. But mainly you will be able to put yourself in this state of mind yourself.

„True healing will always begin in your mind. Master your mind and you will master your life.“

For you to realize how it is all in you already! How you are in full control of your emotions, thoughts, any outcomes and YOUR life.

And you will finally see, you are not broken, you are whole. And all I do in this session and my work, is to remind you of how powerful you are!

I am like your light house, guidung the way back whenever you get of track. But it´s you who´s doing the work. It´s you who is just as powerful and whole, as me and everyone else, you see living the life you are dreaming of.

Now, just imagine yourself not needing anything or anyone anymore, but choosing intentionally what and who serves you on your way. Coming from a place of love, and abundance – a full instead of an empty cup.

That´s what hypnosis and my work can do for you.

I highly recommend to give this one a try, as- if you let it- it will change your life!

xx, Fairy.

Farina Mariposa