Hypno- & Empowerment  Coaching

„Remember who you are and you´ll never be lost again.“

Imagine yourself living an abundant life. Feeling truly happy and aligned, as you are just being you, doing what you love, by naturally following what lights up the beautiful spark in your eyes.

You are loving yourself and you are loving life. You feel strong and powerful, knowing you are the creator of your life. And you do what you want, when and why. You are that free, feminine woman, who’s living her best life. Playing by your own rules, because you are connected to yourself, and that soft inner voice-called your intuition- confidently guiding you the way.

And you understand you are her and she is you. Never failing- always knowing, where to go and what to do. And that deep trust makes your souls desire, to feel alive, be the only thing that counts for you. Awakening your inner wisdom, that everything is ALWAYS working out for you. And all you got to do is be yourSELF, play, have fun and just enjoy the ride.

Farina Mariposa

„She is free and aligned.“

Girl I have experienced both sides of life, vibing high and feeling super low low. I know how it feels to be disconnected from yourself. Feeling lost, confused, full of old trauma and pain. And feeling scared of being stuck in your not self for even one more minute of your life.

And I know what its like to be fully aligned and in love with life, naturally following- what you came here to do- that spark in your eyes!

What LIGHTS YOU UP and makes you feel most alive is no coincidence, its a gift planted in your heart for a reason. And its time to remember who you are, for you to finally BE THE TRUEST AND MOST BEAUTIFUL YOU.

By healing, shifting and letting go of limiting beliefs and old BS stories, and finally step into your full potential, to be(come) the creator of your life.

If I know one thing for sure it´s that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE- if only you believe in it.

You are an infinite being – pure consciousness. Here to share your light and make the most of life.

And if you are still here and feel called to step up the game my 1:1 coaching program FREE & ALIGNED might be just for you!

My way of coaching is a combination of WORKING WITH BOTH, your conscious and subconscious mind. To achieve quick, long lasting and LIFE CHANGING RESULTS!

Ready to step from not self to SELF. And being guided on your path of being the conscious creator of your absolute dream life? Apply here👇🏻

I am so f#cking ready!

Farina Mariposa  Inspiration letter