Welcome to Mariposa Mindset Coaching & Makeup Artistry !
We proudly offer both in-person and online services in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, and worldwide, available in either German or English.
Achtung: limitierte Termine in Deutschland 4.4-19.4 April ( Kreis Ruhrgebiet/ NRW) auf Anfrage!
Alle wichtigen Eckdaten zum Termin an das aufgeführte Kontaktformular, oder an info@farina-mariposa.com
Explore our portfolio on Instagram (@mariposa_hairandmakeup), find inspiration in our coaching content (@farinamariposa), and inquire about our availability & pricing by using the form below.
For last-minute bookings and inquiries, please call: +61411688137 (WhatsApp only, for international clients).

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